Back into the “real world”

Another Gencon has come and gone. As I get ready to go back to work this morning, I expect the requisite jokes about my ever rumored costume, geeks, and nerds. When you work with a bunch of bankers whose hobbies run along the more traditional lines of golf, baseball and tennis you know they just don’t understand.

There was a time when I was more worried about that. As a matter of fact, until a few years I was a closet geek. I didn’t really tell people at work or at the gym what my hobbies are. I was a bit embarrassed that my interests didn’t fit with who I was during the day. I was a bit like Batman, corporate guy during the day, but something else entirely by night. As I hit the local comic shop near my office, I did more than one check over the shoulder before entering. When asked, “What are you doing tonight?” I would likely respond, “Getting together with friends,” never, “meeting with some guys I met through a message board to play Heroclix.” When I was taking the days off for Gencon, I’d be “taking a long weekend before the craziness of fall.” I’d even snicker along with the rest about the geeks rolling into town.

But a few years ago I decided I wasn’t going to worry about it anymore. Now, admittedly it’s been a bit easier as comic book movies have become the norm and video games have it the mainstream. But there is still a world of difference between hitting the movies to see Spider Man and hitting the comic book store, between playing Madden and sitting down to roll some dice for D&D. I’m still not your traditional banker. The last thing I want to do is play a round of 18, I’d still prefer to roll some 20s. But as I tell my colleagues, some people golf to relax, this is what I do.

Now, they still look at me like I’m crazy. But at least I’m honest with them and honest with myself. Now, if I could just get a game of D&D going over lunch…


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